Oklahoma Music Legends Podcast

Prologue Podcast #1

Oklahoma Music Legends Podcasts Purpose. To acquaint the listener with the many Oklahoma Music Makers and their respective contributions.

#1 Podcast Prologue

Wallace and Minerva Willis Podcast #2

Their story is a movie waiting to be made. Their Gospel-Inspirational Songs have traveled from the fields of southern Oklahoma in the 1850's, heard by few, to being loved all over the world today. 

#2 Wallace and Minerva Willis

Floyd Tillman Podcast #3

Willy Nelson dubbed Floyd, "The Original Music Outlaw" Born into a Sharecropper family, to being credited with writing over 1000 songs. One song, "It Makes No Difference Now" has been covered 30 times, 28 times by singers and twice by instrumentals.

#3 Floyd Tillman The Original Music Outlaw

Carl Belew Podcast #4

Born on a farm in a settlement near Salina, Oklahoma, picked up a guitar to pass the time. Left school at 15 to become a plumber. Then decided on Music. I am for one glad that plumber thing didn't work out for him.

#4 Carl Belew Famous for Writing some of the Best Juke Box Huggers

Tommy Allsup Podcast # 5

Tommy Allsup achieved the highest amount of Musical success and acclaim one can imagine. To think it all hinged on a single Flip of a Coin.

#5 Tommy Allsup From Claremore to Madison Square Gardens. All Hinging on the flip of a coin

Mae Boren Axton and Son Hoyt Axton #6

This very famous Mother and Son pair of Songwriters, hold the distinction of both having written a song, some 15 years apart that each reached to #1 on the Pop Billboard Charts.

#6 Mae and Son Hoyt Axton independently wrote some of our best known songs

Colleen Carol Brooks and Son Garth Brooks #7

Several years ago, I got a surprise opportunity to spend a large part of an afternoon with Garth Brook's Mother Colleen. It was personal pleasure and I share part of that conversation here. Of course we talk about Garth's career path.

#7 Colleen and Son Garth Brooks a Great Oklahoma Story

Jimmy Webb Oklahoma Songwriter #8

Jimmy Webb began learning the piano at 6, played the Organ for his Father who was the Minister in the Elk City, Oklahoma Baptist Church. To moving to California and writing some of America's most iconic songs.

#8 Jimmy Webb wrote MacArthur Park , Wichita Lineman & More

Tulsa Oklahoma Home To Legendary Music Venues #9

Tulsa Oklahoma is Home to Legendary Music Venues and Museums. Join us as we take you on a tour of these Iconic Structures. Don't be surprised if Tulsa becomes, Nashville West.

#9 Tulsa Oklahoma Home to Legendary Music Venues

Roger Miller # 10

From Erick Oklahoma to King of the Road, Roger is one of the best Singer - Songwriters ever to come from Oklahoma 

# 10 Roger Miller King of the Road

Sheb Wooley - Ben Colder # 11

Sheb Wooley had 3 Distinctive, Artistic Careers. Country Singer, Songwriter and Television / Movie Actor

# 11 Sheb Wooley 3 Careers, Singer, Songwriter and Actor

Leon Russell "The Early Years" # 12

Claude Russell Bridges, was born in Lawton, Oklahoma, April 2, 1942. Russel as he was known then, showed his music ability early as a child. Russel became an accomplished musician playing in and around Tulsa while in Jr. High and High School.

Russel and his band, gets their big break. This chapter of his story, shares Leon Russell the Early Years. Episodes 15,16 & 17 take you thru his entire career.

# 12 Leon Russell "The Early Years"

J J Cale Tulsa Legendary Musician #13

Eric Clapton Proclaimed J J Cale as one of the Most Important Fiqures in Rock History. Clapton also saying J J was his HERO and who he most wanted to play like.

# 13 J J Cale Legendary Tulsa Musician

David Gates #14

David Gates an important member of Tulsa's Trifecta of Legendary Singer Songwriters. He founded the super group Bread in their 5 year run, they sold over 17 Million Albums.

# 14 David Gates Mr. Soft Rock

Leon Russell Chapter 2 #15

In 1958 Russell Bridges travels to Los Angeles and becomes Leon Russell. His career begins to skyrocket.

# 15 Leon Russell Chapter 2

Leon Russell Chapter 3 # 16

Leon Russell Rockets into the 70's going in several different directions at the same time.

#16 Leon Russell Chapter 3

Leon Russell The Final Chapter


His musical career had nearly slipped into obscurity until a kindness and generosity, Leon had shown to a fellow musician some 40 years previously, is repaid back to him from Elton John.

#17 Leon Russell The Final Chapter

Part 1 Tommy Allsup talks about how he met Rock N' Roll Legend, Buddy Holly. Podcast # 18

 Tommy Allsup in his own words gives you his historical account of the events, with Buddy Holly, leadding up to the day "The Music Died" 

Part 1 Tommy Allsup on Buddy Holly Podcast #18

Part 2 Tommy Allsup talks about how he met Rock N' Roll Legend, Buddy Holly. Podcast # 19

Tommy Allsup in his own words gives you his historical account of the events, with Buddy Holly, leadding up to the day "The Music Died" Podcast #19

Part 2 Tommy Allsup on Buddy Holly Podcast # 19

Part 3 Tommy Allsup talking about his time with Rock N' Roll Legend Buddy Holly

Tommy Allsup gives you his historical account of events, with Buddy Holly, leading up to the day "The Music Died"

Podcast # 20

Part 3 Tommy Allsup on Buddy Holly Podcast # 20

The Final Part 4 Tommy Allsup talks about the days before the Music Died

Tommy Allsup gives you his historical account of events, with Buddy Holly, leading up to "The Day the Music Died" Podcast # #20

The Final Part 4 in the Series of Tommy Allsup on Buddy Holly Podcast #21

Wanda Jackson Oklahoma Artist and Trailblazer for all female artists who follow

Wanda Jackson, from humble beginnings in Maud, Oklahoma she became a Trailblazer for all Female Artists who followed her thru the Glass Ceiling into the Music Industry

#22 Wanda Jackson Oklahoma Female Artist and Trailblazer



Mel McDaniel from Okmulgee, Oklahoma was honored with a star in the Country Music Hall of Fame's Walk of Fame, a member of the Grand Ole Opry and was inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame. Mel is best known for his number one hit, Baby's Got Her Blue Jeans On, which remained on the charts for 28 weeks.

#23 Mel McDaniel took the long road from Okmulgee, Ok, too Nashville

Elvin Bishop Legendary Blues Guitar Man

Thru his hard work and determination, mixed with the right mix of inspiration, Elvin Bishop has become recognized as one of the very best Blues Guitar Players.

#24 Elvin Bishop legendary Blues Guitar Player

Billy Parker Country Music Hall of Fame Disk Jockey, 5 Time Disk Jockey of the Year


Billy Parker was a Disk Jockey on KVOO Radio in Tulsa, Oklahoma, 44 consecutive years. During that time he amassed many awards, among those were; Country Music Hall of Fame Disk Jockey Award, 5 Times awarded Country Music Disk Jockey of the Year Awards, inducted into the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame, along with many others.

#25 Billy Parker Country Music Hall of Fame Disk Jockey, 5 Time Disk Jockey of the Year

Toby Keith Left the Oklahoma Oil Fields when they went bust and went head first into music.


Who would think that you could write a song whose main character is am everyday product; nearly everyone who has ever attended a party has held in their hand and enjoying their favorite beverage? Then you hear the chorus you can’t help but sing along.

Toby Keith has written many songs and  wrote about a Red Solo Cup. 

#26 Toby Keith Is a bonifide, Oklahoma Music Legend. His story is intriguing

The Ventures The Best Instrumental Rock & Roll Band of All Time

Three Oklahoma families pick up and make the pilgrimage to the West Coast to escape the Oklahoma Dust Bowl catastrophe. Each has a child who plays a part in the success of the Instrumental Super Group, The Venture

#27 Three Oklahoman's play a large part in the success of the Ventures

# 28 The 5 Americans, Jerry Keller and Shug Fisher

 This episode spotlights 3 different Oklahoma performers, 3 different eras, 3 different type of Music.
The 5 Americans were a garage rock type band from the 60's. Jerry Keller, a 50's Rock and Roller and Shug Fisher, a member of the Son's for the Pioneers who became a very successful character actor in Television and Film 

# 28 The 5 Americans, Jerry Keller and Shug Fisher

# 29 The Four Wannabe Okies, Eddie Cochran, Cowboy Copas, Al Clauser and Eddie Cletro

Four 20th Century Performers, Eddie Cletro, Cowboy Copas, Al Clauser and Eddie Cochran all believed telling fans that they were from Oklahoma would help their careers.

#29 Four Wannabe Okies, Eddie cochran, cowboy copas, al clauser and eddie cletro

#30 Roy Clark, A stellar Oklahoman

While Roy was born in Virginia, over 30 years ago he choose to put permanent roots in Oklahoma. He has been a champion of all things to do with helping children. He's led an incredible life. I"m glad he's here.

#30 Roy Clark

Our First 30 Episodes In Review

We have so many new listeners, we thought it might be helpful to all to hear a review of our first 30 Episodes

# 31 Our First 30 Episodes

Chuck Blackwell, Jim Keltner, David Teegarden and Jamie Oldaker are Tulsa's Superstar Drummers


Tulsa's Quartet of Superstar Drummers are Chuck Blackwell, Jim Keltner, David Teegarden and Jamie Oldaker. These four incredible Drummers have played on some of the worlds most iconic recordings and backed some of the best performers of all time.

#32 Tulsa's Quartet of Superstar Drummers, Chuck Blackwell, Jim Keltner, David Teegarden and Jamie Oldaker

Jimmy Karstein is Tulsa's 5th Rock Star Drummer, providing the beat for some of the best!

Jimmy Karstein is Tulsa's 5th Super Star Drummer. He has provided the back beat for some of the very best in the Music History. J.J. Cale, Leon Russell, Eric Clapton, Joe Cocker, Stephen Stills, The Tractors, Red Dirt Rangers, Taj Mahal and others.

#33 Jimmy Karstein is Tulsa's 5th Rockstar Drummer

A Conversation with Will Parish


Will Parish is one of the most Learned people I know about music. He's played music and sang, all over Oklahoma and Kansas with some of the best Local and National Music Makers. He shares many stories about the time spent in music and those he met and played with along the way.

# 34 A Conversation with Will Parish

# 35 Leon Russell Tribute


On Saturday, November 10. we witnessed the unveiling of the Leon Russell Monument which marks his final resting place and his final return home to Tulsa, Oklahoma. We talk about the event, what we learned from the proceedings. We decided for our Tribute to Leon we would replay our earlier, four Leon episodes. back to back in one episode.

# 35 To remember the day of Leon’s Coming Home to Tulsa, we decide to play our earlier four Leon episodes back to back

# 36 Encore Presentation of Roy Clark

Because of Mr. Clark's recent passing, we decided it would be fitting to have an Encore Presentation of his story. We hope you enjoy it.

#36 Our Encore Presentation of Mr. Roy Clark

#37 Reba McEntire and the Singing McEntires

Reba McEntire is a full fledged Country Music Super Star. Born in McAlester. Oklahoma, she has achieved unparalled success. She also has both a younger brother, Pake and sister Susie who also have successful careers in Music.

#37 Reba McEntire and the Singing McEntires

# 38 Gene Autry Oklahoma's Singing Cowboy

From his very humble beginnings, thru his drive and perseverance, Gene Autry rose to great heights in Recording, Songwriting, Radio, Movies, Television and the world of business. To become one of America's most admired and beloved entertainers, recording over 635 Records, Staring in over 90 Films, over 90 of his own Television Shows, The Gene Autry Show and so much more. 

# 38 Gene Autry Oklahoma's Singing Cowboy

# 39 Dr. Hugh Foley, Jr. Discusses Oklahoma Music and Oklahoma's Influence on JAZZ


Dr. Hugh Foley, Jr. Professor at Rogers State College in Claremore, Oklahoma is Certainly an expert on Oklahoma Music, He's pinned 2 books on the Subject. We interview Dr. Foley on Oklahoma Music and Oklahoma's Influence on the World of Jazz.

# 39 We interview Dr. Hugh Foley, Jr. on Oklahoma Music

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#40 Blake Shelton

From humble beginings this Ada Oklahoma native son has worked so very hard at his craft to become one of the biggest stars today on the Country Music Scene

#40 Blake Shelton

#41 Ronnie Dunn The Oklahoma Half of Brooks and Dunn

Ronnie spent over 19 years working in the Tulsa Music Scene before getting the "Nashville Call"

#41 Ronnie Dunn


Steve Ripley was an accomplished Guitar Player, Band Leader, Singer, Songwriter, Recording Engineer, Record Producer, Inventor and outstanding human being. He lost his fight with Cancer a few weeks ago. You may not immediately recognize his name but after hearing his story, you will be very familiar with Tulsan, Steve Ripley 

#42 Steve Ripley

#43 Jody Miller Oklahoma Music Legend Trailblazer


Jody Miller's career has traveled from the small stages of local talent shows to the biggest stages. Her talents have allowed her much success in Folk, Pop, Country, Patriotic and Contemporary Christian Music Genres.

#43 Jody Miller

#44 Carl Radle Rockstar Bass Player

During his nearly 2 decade career Carl Radle played with some of the most Talented Musicians in the world. He was a part of some of the Rock Scenes Most Iconic Concerts and the Worlds Biggest Music Events. While playing on some of the most Iconic records of the Mid 60's and late 70's.  He is the self taught, Rockstar Bassist 

#44 Carl Radle

#45 Vince Gill Gifted Singer, Songwriter, Musician and one of the Nicest people anywhere

Over Vince Gill's over 40 year career he has never lost sight of the Music Making.

He is probably the most versatile muscian anywhere. From Bluegrass, Country, The Blues or Rock, he can do it all. If you need proof, he's currently touring the world playing with the Eagles.  

#45 Vince Gill

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#46 Jesse Ed Davis III Guitar Legend

Jesse Ed Davis III was the most sought after recording session guitar player during the late 60's and thru out the 70's. He has contributed his playing on records for the Who's Who in Rock, Blues, Jazz, Classical and Country. 


#47 Barney Kessel Jazz-Blues and Super Star Guitarist


Barney Kessel began learning the guitar in Muskogee, Oklahoma and grew to become the most requested Guitarist for recording sessions. Recording over 60 Albums of his own and playing on recordings for most of the greats of the day. He may just be the most recorded guitarist you never knew you've heard.  

#47 Barney Kessel

#48 Charlie Christian Electric Guitar Pioneer and Jazz Guitar Great

While he only lived to the age of 25, his mastery of the Gibson ES-150  Guitar and recordings that are being played today would grow to influence generations of Music Makers. He was an early pioneer of the Electric Guitar. A great JAZZ Guitarist and is considered to be the Father of Bebob.

You can hear and enjoy some of his distinct playing style on YouTube.

#48 Charlie Christian

#49 John Moreland Tulsa's American Music Maker

John Moreland is one of the emerging talents in the Americana Music Genre. His soulful sound, Guitar Playing and his heartfelt lyric will take you to a deep private place 

#49 John Moreland Tulsa's Americana Music Maker

#50 Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

While Bob was born in Texas, his long association with Tulsa, Oklahoma, KVOO Radio Station and the Fabled Cain's Ballroom would be the root of his incredible success. He and his band would influence generations of Oklahoma Music Makers and Legends.


#51 Steve and Cassie Gaines will forever be linked to Lynard Skynard

Oklahoma Music Maker Siblings, Steve and Cassie Gaines will forever be linked to the Lore and History of Southern Rock's Greatest Band, Lynard  Skynard

#51 Steve and Cassie Gaines & Lynard Skynard

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The Wilson Brothers Band, "THE GAP BAND" was discovered in Tulsa by Oklahoma Music Legend, Leon Russell in a small after hours club in the early 70's. They played horns, guitars and back up vocals for Leon's Album Stop All THAT JAZZ. Went on to become a pioneer in FUNK and R&B.

#52 the gap band

# 53 Muscle Shoals Music History Adventure


There maybe just a few places in this country, that are as famous, as the Muscle Shoals, Alabama area for music recording history. I took advantage of the opportunity to go discover it myself.

#53 My adventure to Muscle Shoals, Alabama to discover its Musical Heritage.

#54 Gary P Nunn and Ray Wylie Hubbard, Native Oklahomans


Native Oklahoman's, Gary P Nunn and Ray Wylie Hubbard have a very similar history, they would move with their families to Texas and find Music. They would both write a Texas Outlaw Anthem. Eventually turning being Texan into a Cottage Industry.  They would both become leaders in the Outlaw Country Music Movement.

#54 Native Oklahoman's Gary P Nunn and Ray Wylie Hubbard would both write and sing songs that have become Texas Outlaw Country Anthems.

#55 Johnny Cash and The Oklahoma Three


Three Oklahoman's will for ever be attached to the Country Music Icon, Johnny Cash for Three separate and different reasons. Take a few minutes and learn about these three Oklahoman's.  

#55 Johnny Cash and The Oklahoma Three

#56 Leo Feathers - The Axman

Leo Feathers would begin playing in bands and performing in Tulsa Nightclubs at 15 years old. He would play with legends, Leon Russell, David Gates, J.J. Cale, Chuck Blackwell, Jimmy Williams, Tommy Crook and others to become a much respected Nashville A-List Session player.

# 56 Leo Feathers-The Axman