Resource and Reference

Resource and Reference Books

Oklahoma Music Guide 2018 Edition - Hugh Foley; Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame in Muskogee Oklahoma-Family Album 90th Anniversary-Grandin Hood Publishers; Encyclopedia of Country Music-Arthur Butterfield; The History of Country & Western Music-Tony Byworth; Jazz from A to Z A Graphic Dictionary-Steven Longstreet; The Big Band Years-Bruce Crowther; Oklahoma Guide to 45rpm Records & Bands 1955 to 1975, by Teb Blackwell & Rhett Lake; Oklahoma Historical Society; 

The Flip of a Coin the story of Tommy Allsup, written by Guy Logsdon; Wikipedia; All Music; Oklahoma HIstorical Society; the Boot; The Cake and the Rain a Memoir Jimmy Webb; Alan Fallick Newsday; The Voice Steve Todoroff Article; Steve Todoroff Lecture April 21, 2018; Wikipedia; Willy Nelson, Its a Long Story; The Wrecking Crew DVD; Wikipedia, Queteus, Newsweek Article by Alan Fallis, Life's Vintage Magazine, Alligator, All Music, Tulsa World Newspaper article by Jimmie Tramel, Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame article, All Music article by Jason Ankeny, OK Magazine article by John Wooley, Oklahoma Music Guide by Hugh Foley, Billy Parker himself, Dennis McAtee, Wikipedia

Special Thank you Too

Clifford Smith-For giving me my first and only opportunity to play records on radio station KREK Bristow, for your support during the setup of the studio and for being a pal

Hugh Foley-A chance meeting at KVOO Radio in 2007, to listen to your story, becoming acquainted with you and your efforts on  "Oklahoma Music Guide" was one of the catalysts, for me to pursue this Podcast Series Project

Dennis McAtee the best engineer at KVOO who let me look over his shoulder while he was doing the magic on Audio performances, on years of Shrine Circus commercials. Thanks for helping to make me sound decent.

To my Family and Friends who continually shown interest in this project while I waited for the right time

Billy Parker- I have admired you from our first meeting in 1959 at KFMJ, until today, you my friend were the very best Country Music D.J. on any Radio, anywhere. You are what every Radio Jock only dreams they could be like. You have been more of an inspiration to me than you'll ever know.

Will Parish, for the loan of his copy of Flip of a Coin, the story of Tommy Allsup; 


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